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Handcrafted world-class bass/MI/PA speaker enclosures
Authorized builder, greenboy designs
Limited custom enclosure design/construction available
Bass players no longer have to lug hundreds of pounds of poor-sounding gear to gigs. Be prepared to completely rethink your perceptions and expectations in terms of size, weight, and configuration of professional-level onstage bass gear, and how live bass can and should sound like....
If you are reading this, chances are you are serious about bringing your stage gear into the 21st century.. Finally time to lose a lot of unnecessary weight and bulk, and to be heard the way you deserve to be!!!

Walk into any big-box music store, and you may soon come to realize there hasn't been hardly any advancement in bass cabinet design/form/function in over 40 years! The vast majority of the "classic" cabinet configuratons are in actuality are some of the most poorly engineered designs in terms of sonic performance. You're buying little more than looks and a price point.. Many offerings are unnecessarily bulky and heavy. Its also not uncommon for manufacturers to post specs that border on fantasy.. In addition, there hasn't been much incentive for the name brands to improve the level of engineering or quality of components...

Several years back, greenboy saw the need to bring modern technology to the world of onstage bass cabs.. After considerable R&D, sourcing components, and assembling prototypes, he logged on to the talkbass.com forums and introduced a series of DIY construction plans dubbed fEARful, free for the download... Sure, there were/are the doubters and skeptics, but guys started building these cabs.. It was becoming apparent that if you built the cabs faithfully to spec using the specified components, you were rewarded with a smaller, lighter, modular loudspeaker system which redefined loud, low, and clear to levels never achieved through "classic" enclosures.. All with superior midrange/treble dispersion..

As time went on and the "fEARful phenomenon" started to grow, there was a budding demand for some sort of commercial production.. face it.. some guys couldn't or wouldn't build.. greenboy prohibited commercial use of his plans, and to this day there have been those who tried to skirt that by making what's known in these circles as "nearfuls".. Finally, greenboy decided to rightfully profit from his work, and authorized a small group of entrepreneurs to build his designs to his exact specs.. Fortunately, we are one of the few and the proud!!
The lineup that started a revolution - fEARful..
You can still download the construction plans (www.greenboy.us/fEARful), or have us build..
greenboy designs

From the miniscule Crazy 8 to the heavy-hitting 18sub,
If you play upright, crave the classic 15 sound, or need to put a definitive bottom to the PA, chances are we can build the cab to fill the need..
greenboys' latest and greatest: the FEARLESS lineup!

These are a second-generation refinement of the fEARful concept. Equally at home with 5-string electric or upright, these are arguably some of the finest bass cabs available at any price.
Every cab in the lineup is engineered to be as small and light as possible, while being fully capable to deliver the depth of the B string at some astonishing SPL levels.

The single-woofer cabs are the ultimate in versatility.. First and foremost full-function bass cabs, but can be used many ways!!
FEARLESS 215 slim.
FEARLESS 215 wide
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