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Here's the rig I wished I had about 8 years ago!!.

FEARLESS 215 wide
Baltic birch, 85 pounds.

I used to gig 70's vintage Peavey 2-15's, and this cab is actually smaller and lighter!!
Customer requested a late-model Ampeg appearance, so we worked up the cloth grill..

Tested this with just one side of my DCM600 (about 300W), still loud enough to carry into my completely closed-up house..

Went to Indiana..
gigmaster_soundworks_v4016008.jpg gigmaster_soundworks_v4016007.jpg
LEFT: Bassic 12UUU w/Faital driver
RIGHT: 3015-loaded Bassic 15 in okoume
These two FEARLESS 112's are virtually identical except for the baffle color. Both done in okoume and routed handles just like my demo, 33 pounds..
The one on the right has one 1/4" jack per customer request...
This F112 is in Baltic birch with the standard handle and ME10 HF option. Just a tick under 40 pounds.
Went to New Orleans..
My demo F115 is in okoume with the routed handle option.. 42 pounds!!

<<<LEFT: some guys have stacked the F112 with the F115 with impressive results

If you're within reasonable driving distance from Kalamazoo/Battle Creek, MI, you could audition these cabs at your gig.. Onstage is where you really want to hear 'em, trust me..

Contact me:
This F112 in okoume resides in the Ann Arbor area.. Used with both upright and 5-string solidbody, and gigged regularly. See the link from the "Shelter Dogs" band to find out where you can hear this live!!

BELOW: This cab in an A/B comparison to a G-K neo 15. Click picture for
you tube video..