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Bassic w/the 4 ohm Faital woofer, built in arauco

35 pounds!!

Now residing in the Toledo, OH area..
Not your "typical" Crazy8...
This is the rear-ported 3/8' ply version done in 1/2" okoume..

Has the foldout tiltback leg option, and a bottom pole mount. Customer wanted an internal top handle, the only way we could do that was to do the routed-in option.. 17 pounds, went to Texas.
This F115 went to Canada
3015 - loaded Bassic, now playing in Texas..
A pair of Crazy8's that were built kinda simultaneously.. One on the left went to Oregon, the other to New Hampshire..
Here is the 15/6/1 that's onstage with the Grand Rapids based band "Decades".

Baltic birch, true 3-way, standard hardware, 63 pounds
This F212 went to the east coast.. The customer previously bought two 15/6/1's from me..

Okoume, 58 pounds!
That's including the steel grill, handles, and casters
This setup is currently wowing 'em in and around the Grand Rapids area. F212 in arauco, and the customer had me add several custom touches..

See the reviews on both talkbass and the greenboy forum..

I heard this in my shop powered by a Carvin monoblock, and I thought I was hearing perfection.. The Peavey tube head shown turns this into something else by reports...
This C8's new home is in the Chicagoland area...
Here's the first FEARLESS F110's out of the shop.
Okoume construction, the F110 weighs in at 31, the sub 27. Pictured these with my USA Peavey and PF500 to show just how tiny these guys are..

give this stack some power, it will definitely fill the club with tone without the PA's help.. Very even response throughout the range, even the B string

shipped to Maryland to a repeat customer
F115 in okoume with all of the weight-saving options
(steel grill)

A tick over 47 pounds,
its new home is in Florida
This C8 is now in Alaska!!

This is the first one I built with the L-pad option on the tweeter,
After testing I would highly recommend it
If this F112 and that C8 over there look similar, its because they have the same owner...

Okoume, routed handle, poly damping,
33.5 pounds
These two F115's were back-to-back in the shop and have owners in Grand Rapids